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Captain Salvation

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Learn More About Captain Salvation

Find out more about Captain Salvation and the story behind the hero. A Sunday school teacher since 1993 and graduate of Ambassador Christian College, founder and publisher Curt Hawn found Jesus after making a miraculous recovery from a tragic motorcycle accident at just 13 years old. After waking from a 3-day coma, he was determined to share God's great message with other young people.

Over the years, he's spent countless hours sharing Jesus' love, teaching children around the world — ministering in 14 different countries — about the hope and power that lies in His message. Drawing on his past experience with faith-based works like "The Line of Judah," he created Captain Salvation, a unique Christian comic book hero designed to delight young readers and show them the way of the Lord.

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Our Children's Charity

While our primary focus is teaching children about Jesus, we also strive to help children in need both at home and in impoverished nations. From providing positive role models to offer food and clothing to children living in poverty, we draw on our passion for helping all God's creatures to operate a loving, judgement-free children's ministry.